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Wood Roasted Coffees

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Caffé D'arte coffee is roasted in the finest Traditional Italian Methods to reflect the historical, culinary and regional flavors of Italy.

Traditional Wood Roasting at Caffe D'arte

We take great pride in our 1949 Balestra wood-fired roaster, not only for the unique flavor that it imparts to our coffees but it also preserves an Italian art form, and has helped set a standard of excellence that few can match.

When Caffe D’arte’s founder Mauro came to Seattle, he brought not only his recipes and experience as apprentice to a master roaster in Italy but even more, he brought that Balestra roaster which has been instrumental in writing the history of Caffe D’arte.

Our Balestra wood roaster is completely “hands-on” experience. We utilize Alder wood rather than the more traditional Oak to give our coffee a more “Northwest” flavor. Each piece of wood is cut to precise measurements to ensure perfect airflow through the roaster, once the fire is lit, the temperature must be carefully maintained to avoid hot spots in the roaster. Then, like a piano tuner searching for the perfect pitch, Our Roast Master carefully controls the amount of smoke that “drifts” into the roasting chamber, carefully manipulating the airflow by adjusting the firebox doors throughout the roasting process. Guided only by a temperature gauge, a sampler or “tryer” and over 20 years’ experience, our experienced roasters strive to create a product that not only carries distinct traits, but can be duplicated in every batch.

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